Your country needs you…real bad!

When people start getting nasty there’s a fair chance they’ve got something to hide or they’re trying to distract people’s attention away from issues they know they cannot defend.  So it is with the ‘No’ campaign.

Today David Cameron tried to distance himself from the conduct of the ‘No’ campaign – a little rich for someone who has been one of its architects. Make no mistake, Dave has been at the heart of the campaign’s decision making process. He will have approved of the vilification of Nick Clegg and of the tenor of the campaign’s message. Why all this acrimony?  Because there’s nothing positive to say about FPTP. It’s a totally flawed and discredited system.

So why are the Tories so keen on FPTP? Because they think that coupled with some timely gerrymandering, the altering of constituency boundaries and equalling out the number of electors in each constituency, they can secure a hold on power that will ensure a Tory government for years to come.

Winning the ‘No’ campaign is part of a well thought through Tory game plan, and they’ve done the sums. They’re only interested in supporting FPTP because they can see an advantage in doing so. (If it had suited them to support AV they would have done.) The fact that they’re supporting a system that is past its sell by date is irrelevant to them. They couldn’t care less – and could care even less about the views of the electorate or what is in the long-term interest of British democracy.

So what ‘s an appropriate response to this appalling Tory cynicism? Simple, vote ‘Yes’ on Thursday – that is unless you want to be ruled by a Tory government for the foreseeable future. And if you’ve been persuaded to vote ‘No’ in the past few weeks, I counsel you to think again. To swallow the lies put out by the Tory backed ‘No’ campaign is one thing, but to be duped into supporting their cunning plan is another. The thought of everlasting Tories should be enough to scare anyone! Your country needs you to vote ‘Yes’ and you need your country to vote ‘Yes’.


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