Why would anyone ever vote Libdem again? What might change peoples’ mind?

Regardless of the result of the Eastleigh by-election, it’s a racing certainty that the LibDems are going to be annihilated in 2015. Political oblivion beckons, and it may be that the party will cease to exist. So, if you were a Libdem, what would you do?

The current leadership seems to be in denial, convinced that ‘something will turn up’. Like most politicians they believe in miracles. If you’re a Libdem right now, you have to, there’s nothing else…or is there?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. There needs to be a coup. Yes, a good old fashioned coup. A coup to get rid of the tarnished Clegg, and to set the ‘new Libdems’ apart from their Tory appeasing fellow travellers. Who should lead the coup and replace Clegg? Cable is the only real option because he’s one of the few Libdem MPs who has managed to retain some of his credibility over the past two and a half years – and one the public believe.

But the cunning part of this plan would be to orchestrate a very public attack on the Tories. For the new leader to set himself apart from the Clegg era,  from the disastrous Tory policies they have endorsed, and engineer the downfall of the coalition to…wait for it… to save the nation!

By really saving the nation from the idiot Osborne and the feckless Cameron, the Libdems could hang on to some of their credibility and live to fight another day. It would take careful planning and need to be choreographed to a tee.  This about the survival of the party. The Libdems need to get moving. The window of opportunity is very small.

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