Why clever Michael Gove is so foolish

Michael Gove’s elitist agenda is about to take English education back to the dark days of the 1950s. His so-called reforms are supposed to transform English education. They will do nothing of the sort. Why? Because he’s attempting to reform a broken model. He’s tinkering at the margins.  Nothing he is proposing will bring about the fundamental change our educational system needs.

When he’s finished, the British taxpayer will still be asked to subsidise private education. Private education is socially divisive and should have no place in the educational system. Why doesn’t he remove the charitable status of public schools? If he did it would put private education out of reach to all but the children of Russian oligarchs, Chinese billionaires and bonus bagging bankers.  It would force public schools to change and integrate with the state system. It’s not going to happen. Although Mr Gove is not a product of the public school system, he’s not going to do anything to offend his new up market chums. Nothing will change.

When he’s finished reforming the broken model, state schools will still struggle to compete with the private sector. We will still be churning out half-educated, bored children.  We will still have a system that totally fails to identify and develop the talents of our children. We will still be denying them the opportunity to achieve their dreams.We will still have an education system that was designed to meet the requirements of the industrial revolution not the demands of the 21st century. We will still have a ‘one size fits all’ educational system that benefits the few, not the majority.

The system is tired and broken and Mr Gove’s efforts will achieve very little.

There needs to be a revolution in education, not evolution.

I am a great fan of the educationalist Sir Ken Robinson. His 2006 TED lecture video is an inspiration. Why is clever Michael Gove so foolish? Watch, understand and be inspired.


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