Where has the doughty Vince disappeared to?

Has anybody seen Vince Cable recently? The man has completely disappeared. Is he being sat upon? Has he been sunk by the sheer weight and complexity of his brief? Where’s the man who was prepared to speak his truth about banksters, and who was proved right about the evil Murdoch? Has he been told to ‘cool it’ by the mighty mouse Clegg or is he desperately looking for a match to light the fuse on the ‘nuclear option’?

Rumour has it that he’s been giving his colleagues a rough time in Cabinet. By rough time, it appears he’s been squaring up to them and telling them a few home truths about the pickle were in – which will not have endeared him to Dave. He may also have been fretting about the government’s new growth strategy, due to be announced next month. Again rumour has it that it’s a bit feeble, and he won’t like that because it will reflect badly on him. (Incidentally we’ll know if it’s feeble if the phrase “cutting red tape” is used as an incentive for businesses to grow. It isn’t, and means the square root of diddly-squat. A clear indication that there is a paucity of ‘big ideas’ when it comes to stimulating growth)

Belonging to a government that has made Herculean efforts to reduce demand when growth was stalling with all the attendant consequences, must be starting to eat away at his conscience.  It would be great if he had some ‘big ideas’ about growth, if he could get Osborne to commit to business banks, for instance.

Maybe our Vince is doing good things behind the scenes? Great if he is, but we really don’t know. I have a feeling that he’s taken the Coalition shilling and he’s putting up and shutting up. We may never see the Vince we came to know and love again. Which would be unfortunate.

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