When the pie was opened the birds began to sing…

It’s the end of term, time for happy hols. Dave’s gone home to pack his bags…bucket and spade, sun glasses, scandals… 

Unfortunately for Mrs C. and the kids, Dave may not be the best of company this year – too much on his mind. This holiday’s going to be punctuated by frequent chirrups from his mobile phone followed by a grump that the kids won’t understand.  And on top of that, everyone he wants to talk to is going to be in some totally inaccessible place where mobile phone reception is as intermittent as the showers that seem to have followed him all the way from dear old Blighty…happy days!

And, as if by magic, even before Dave and the family have set off for the airport, the wires are already buzzing about ‘smoking gun’ emails that his dear friend Coulson apparently exchanged with Goodman about making payments to the police.  It looks increasingly as if the ‘profound apology’ he promised us if Coulson is found to have lied to him might be one of the first things he has to do when he returns. Oh calamity! What will that be followed by: a vote of no confidence? Pass the sun cream.

There comes a time in every scandal when that strongest of human instincts, survival, starts to have an ever increasing influence on the behaviour of the players. Fear, betrayal and revenge begin to motivate the exposed and the vulnerable. As lies are exposed and the birds begin to sing – as they surely will – reputations will be lost and careers ruined.  If you thought the worst of Hackgate was over, you’re mistaken. It’s just getting up steam.

So, if the sun doesn’t shine on your summer holiday or you get bored shovelling sand, just make sure you’ve  smuggled your laptop in your hand luggage or be first in line at the paper shop every morning. There’s going to be plenty to entertain your schadenfreudian instincts in the next three weeks. Enjoy!

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