Was lost and is found…?

Ed, along with Peter Hain who is heading the project, are going to ‘refound Labour’! This is a new initiative to make the party more outward looking…okay, so what’s on offer?

“It is imperative we use this period of Opposition to leapfrog the other parties by refounding our own, so that Labour emerges refreshed and reinvigorated”. …says Peter Hain.

Thing is, I’m not sure what is meant by ‘refounding’. Does it mean starting with a clean sheet of paper (another one!) and ditching some of Labour’s sacred cows? There’s even talk about ‘rule changes’ in September. Is this bye, bye Trade Unions? Got a feeling it’s not going to be quite as drastic as that.

Peter Hain went on to say: “Fewer voters are wedded to one particular party these days”. He’s absolutely right. We’re entering an era of what might be called ‘secular politics’. People are less inclined to sign up to inflexible doctrines and nail their colours to the mast of ‘the party’. Also, political parties can no longer afford to be identified with a particular section of society. Maybe we shouldn’t get too excited, ‘refounding’ could just be about image and rebranding.

Whatever ‘refounding’ turns out to be, the Labour leadership should be under no illusion that a great many of their loyal followers are less than impressed with the party’s performance since the General Election.

Ed is being willed on to be better than he is or is ever likely to be: the absence of any statement on policies and the lack of any ‘big ideas’ is disappointing. It’s time to step up to the mark and deliver. Unfortunately, I have a sneaking feeling that desperation is starting to set in and that ‘refounding’ has been designed to distract people’s attention away from the fact that there are no new policies and no ‘big ideas’. I hope I’m wrong.

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