Un Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Pity poor Kim Jong Un. What a bummer to be Daddy’s favourite. One minute you’re quietly enjoying the good life watching naughty western vids on the quiet when Dad decides to make you a four star general. How bad is that?

Here he was thinking that as number three son he could avoid all those looney Workers Party meetings, but apparently Daddy doesn’t like the dresses number one son wears and number two is a complete dipstick.

Kim Jong Il is living up to his name. He’s ill. He needs to sort out the succession before brother-in-law Chang Sung Taek makes a move to topple the dynasty. He’s now the number one man who is running things behind the scenes. But ‘Big Daddy’ locked him up a couple of years ago because he thought he was getting too big for his boots. The way things have turned out, that was probably not a good idea.

What chances for poor old Kim Jong Un when Big Daddy goes off to the Great Workers Congress in the sky? Chang Sung Taek may well be harbouring a serious grudge against the great dynasty. Pretty strange if he isn’t.  It might not be long before there’s a dead Un!

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