Tumbril Tours. Who’s for the Chop in 2011?

Will Nick Clegg survive 2011? The vote on AV could well go against him. What then? What then for the coalition? The Deputy PM could be one of the first to take a tour in the tumbril. Is he destined for a date beside Madame la tricoteuse?

Will Vince be forever known as the man who only opens his mouth to change feet? Will we see him resign from the cabinet in well choreographed ‘disgust’, seize the moral high ground and wrestle the leadership from an ailing Clegg?

Which cabinet member won’t be in Dave’s gang for much longer?  Andrew Mitchell was thought to be the first to go, but he’s been keeping his head down. Liam Fox looks weak. The coalition’s defence review is a nonsense. Will he carry the can? And what of Ken Clarke, he doesn’t look too comfortable in the gang? Djanogly, the justice minister who hires a private eye to spy on his local party officials is not over impressive.

Further afield, will Julia Gillard, the Welsh born PM of Oz manage to cling on to power or will she be forced to take some of her own medicine? Will she face a coup orchestrated by a disgruntled colleague who believes he can do better, or will she eat the carping Oz politicos for breakfast?

So who’s going to keep Mme la Guillotine busy in 2011?

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