The wealthy and powerful have no fear and fear no consequences

Handcuffs smallToday, in magistrates courts throughout the land, ‘justice’ will be meted out to ordinary folk for what are probably best described as minor misdemeanors or low level crime.

Ordinary folk, our fellow citizens, live in a world where fear is ever present. The fear of not being able to provide for a family, the fear of there not being a pay packet at the end of the week, fear that benefits will be withdrawn, fear that they will be criminalised for being unable to afford a television licence. They understand fear. They also understand consequences.

Bankers, over-paid CEOs and wealthy folk inhabit a different world. They have no fear and fear no consequences. The only fear they have is losing their wealth or fear of failing to recognise something that might threaten it. They may not be above the law, but they have the ability to distance themselves from it, of dimming or redirecting the spotlight. They use their wealth to influence lawmakers to enact laws that protect and promote their interests ahead of the majority.

With wealth and power should come responsibility. To act responsibly and to take responsibility.  Responsibility to act in the best interests of their less fortunate fellow citizens. To carry the can when things go wrong and not try and escape sanction by blaming subordinates. Unfortunately the understanding of what responsibility really means has been lost.

Until the clink of handcuffs is heard in boardrooms across the land, until those who have ultimate responsibility know fear and comprehend consequences, nothing will change. How to bring about change? Until corporate power is addressed and political party funding is reformed, there will be no change. A political party that does not have these two vital things in its manifesto is not worth voting for.

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