The Tale of Tebbit’s Bike – Part 2

Nobody has actually said it yet, but it’s ‘get on your bike’ time again. This time though, it’s different. It’s get on your bike to find somewhere to live, not to find another job – although it will probably have to be used for that too.

With investment in social housing set to be cut by 50% and 1.8 million people on the council house waiting lists, this is going to be a country to emigrate from. Very soon immigration may no longer be a problem. Maybe it’s all part of the coalition’s ‘cunning plan’?

I think I might feel reassured if the coalition had a cunning plan, or any sort of plan for that matter. There doesn’t seem to be any joined up thinking going on, just a feverish desire to cut and keep cutting regardless of the consequences. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

How on earth do you square cutting investment on social housing when there are so many people on council house waiting lists? Why is the coalition so intent on causing pain and misery at a time like this in the one part of our society that needs all the support it can get? Is it callousness, stupidity or just plain ignorance? Why are they so intent on victimising those in most need?

There may be a very good case for reforming the provision of social housing, but if it has to be done, it should be done with care so that people’s needs are properly met and timed so that it causes as little stress and disruption as possible.

With the population set to increase by ten million over the next thirty years, we need to quadruple the number of social houses being built just to stand still. Cutting investment in social housing is just plain stupid. Perhaps the Housing Minister Grant Shapps should get on Tebbit’s bike and explain to those on the council house waiting lists why they are unlikely to be housed in the foreseeable future.

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