The Palestinians have some very powerful options

Today, Al Ayyam, the leading independent daily published in Ramallah, boasts a colourful map of the world with 122 flags representing world countries that have indicated that they will vote for Palestine when it applies to the UN to be recognised as an independent state next month. Exciting times in the Occupied Territories, but any euphoria is tempered by the inevitable US veto.
The effect the US veto will have on the Palestinians, and on the actions of Hamas in particular, is perhaps not a difficult scenario to imagine, but the effect on the US is going to be profound. Not only will a US veto isolate the island empire from the rest of world opinion and deliver a fatal blow to its credibility in the emerging democracies in the Middle East, but it will illustrate in embarrassing clarity, the extent of control the Israeli lobby has over Congress. Uncle Sam, still blushing at the childish and confidence shattering antics of its politicians over the budget issue, is about to look even sillier.
This scenario offers the Palestinians a unique opportunity. A US President emasculated by a rogue Congress and by a political class which has been bought by the Israeli lobby, needs help. Palestinians can offer him that help, and they would be wise to do so. How? By applying to the UN General Assembly for observer, not full membership. This would deny the US the opportunity to veto their application- which could be activated at a later date – and would bring the UN into the peace process. At one fell stroke the dynamics of the peace process would be changed irrevocably – and Palestinians would have a very grateful President on their side.
Time for the Palestinians to box clever.

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