The Age of Miracles Hasn’t Passed – Apparently

Are we entering a new age of political choreography? Were we actually meant to see the briefing paper on the boy Alexander’s lap yesterday? Have we been set up? Seems that might well be the case.

If you look closely at the figures it would appear that the Office for Budget Responsibility is forecasting that private sector employment is going to grow by 1.5 million over the next four years. That’s amazing!  If only we’d known!

Can these figures really be true or is Mr Chote starting to choke? Has he missed a massive typo?

If the OBR is forecasting all these new jobs, where are they going to come from?  They really need to let us into the secret. Perhaps all will be revealed by Georgie O today – if he doesn’t come clean, I hope honourable members will hound him until he does – or maybe we are living in the age of miracles after all.

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