Stop the Traffic!

Some of you may have read Mark Townsend’s article on sex trafficking in yesterday’s Observer… ‘Kidnap, beating, rape, my story of sex slavery in UK’.

I was deeply shocked by Marinela Badela’s story. When she was only 17 she was abducted by thugs in Romania, beaten, raped and sent to work as a prostitute in Birmingham where she was forced to have sex with up to 50 men a week. She was lucky. The police tracked her down and managed to arrest the father and son trafficking team that ‘managed’ her. They were sentenced last week to 6 and 21 years respectively.  A satisfactory result you may think,  but what of the thousands of other trafficked girls who are working as sex slaves in Britain’s ‘off street’ prostitution racket?

I have to say I am deeply ashamed that we have done so little to stop sex trafficking. The government and the authorities seem to be indifferent to the suffering of these girls. Their lack of proper attention in this matter is totally unacceptable.

If Mr Plod doesn’t know where the brothels are on his patch, he’s not doing his job. If he is unable to track down the massage parlours and saunas where these girls work, he is incompetent. There must be either a complete lack of will or absence of direction…or, heaven forbid, money is changing hands, for action not to have been taken to eliminate this problem.

Why are our politicians  not doing something about sex trafficking? Why doesn’t every constituency MP sit on their Chief Constable’s chest and demand they do something about it? Why don’t we make an example of the punters who rape these girls? A few stiff [sic] sentences might act as a deterrent.


We should be ashamed that we have allowed sex trafficking to take root in our country. It’s now time to shame those ‘in authority’ into action. Please be as vociferous as you can.

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