SoR’s Christmas ‘Stockings’. Wednesday – Benjamin Netanyahu

“I can’t bear Netanyahu, he’s a liar”, said Sarko. “You’re fed up with him, I have to deal with him every day!” replied Obama. A revealing aside by two world leaders about the man in the stocks today, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.

The day Bibi Netanyahu became Israel’s leader, the peace process died. Son of a fanatical Arab hater, he has absolutely no interest in negotiating with the Palestinians. This year, while the world’s attention was focused elsewhere, he speeded up settlement building in the Occupied Territories. An act of brazen chutzpah, effectively  raising two fingers to Obama, who had asked him to stop expanding the settlements.

Bibi is a hard-line bully boy and he has every intention of colonising the Occupied Territories and presenting the world with a fait accompli. No two state solution, just the Jewish state of ‘Greater Israel’. That’s what he wants and that is what he’s determined to achieve – no matter what the cost.

And what a cost. On average Israel kills one Palestinian every two days. Gaza remains under siege. Millions of Palestinians live in abject poverty, bullied and humiliated by their occupiers. And next year will be no different from this one, just more misery and suffering courtesy of Bibi Netanyahu.

Meanwhile the US Congress has been bribed into submission by his Israeli lobby foot soldiers. Congress does what Bibi tells it to do, which is to approve everything he does.

The power that Bibi and his gangster government has over US makes them very dangerous people. Already this year they’ve been pressuring their neocon friends to ramp up pressure for the US to bomb Iran. They might even do it themselves – with the approval of the US, of course. Israel doesn’t fear that Iran might nuke them, they’re frightened of a change in the political dynamic if Iran gets nuclear weapons.

Bibi Netanyahu, leader of what is now a pariah state, could be responsible for dragging the world into a major conflict in 2012. He needs put in his place.

The stocks are probably too good for Bibi. Perhaps the rotten eggs should be hard boiled.


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