SoR’s Christmas ‘Stockings’. Tuesday – Bob Crow

In the stocks today, Bob Crow, General Secretary of the RMT. It might seem a bit unfair to strap Comrade Crow into the stocks. Man of the people is Bob. Patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign amongst other things, and a staunch supporter of workers’ rights – he even wants a new ‘workers’ party’ because he believes, quite rightly, that the Labour party no longer represents ‘working people’. He might be right, but he hasn’t managed to generate much enthusiasm for his idea, in fact it’s a bit of a dead duck.

How to describe Bob?  A  modern day equivalent of Fred Kite, the character played by Peter Sellers in ‘I’m All Right Jack’? Maybe, but a whole lot meaner. Tube drivers love him, and so they should. He’s won them £50k a year plus overtime; can’t be bad for pointing a train down the tracks – and it really is all down to Bob who sees TFL as a soft touch, and the ‘polar bear on a bicycle’ – Mayor Boris – as a ‘class enemy’.

So why’s Bob in the stocks? Well, it’s  payback time for all those weary, long-suffering tube travelers who’ve had to put up with his antics this year.  Tube strike after tube strike, and now, at the end of what’s been a very tough year for a lot of people, he’s going to bugger them about again with yet another strike – albeit Aslef inspired. This time it’s on Boxing day – the first day of the sales. C’mon Bob! A few well aimed rotten eggs at Bob’s gleaming pate is probably what he deserves.

It’s also a bit of a warning shot too. Rumour has it that our Bob is warming up for a strike over the Olympics. God knows what it will be about this time – a bonus for map reading skills probably. This is a step too far, Bob.  A day in the stocks for you, my friend!

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