SoR’s Christmas ‘Stockings’. Thursday – David Cameron

Dave is a bit of an obvious candidate. After eighteen months in office there are any number of transgressions that would qualify him for a day in the stocks. However there are three that are top of my list.

Firstly, It’s for being such a twonk for a. employing Andy Coulson as his Director of Communications. Anyone with half a brain would have recognised that he had some very dodgy baggage and avoided him like the plague. Not our Dave. He not only followed cohort Osborne’s questionable ‘advice’ – but was naive enough to succombe to ‘pressure’ from Murdoch, who was eager to have a ‘placeman’ at the heart of government to ‘support’ his BSkyB ambitions. b. For not firing Coulson as soon as there was the faintest whiff that he might not have been entirely honest about the extent of phone hacking at the News of the World. Dave dithered. More frightened of upsetting Murdoch than doing what was right. His behaviour speaks volumes about his judgement and the set of his moral compass. What he knew and when he knew it are questions he has yet to answer. Fun to come.

Second, it took the news that Milly Dowler’s phone had been hacked for him to prise himself away from the clutches of the Murdoch machine. Had ‘Dowlergate’ not happened he would have happily accepted the bribe of everlasting support from the Murdoch press, and allowed the BSkyB deal to have gone ahead. Cameron was prepared to sacrifice the plurality of the British press and the integrity of British politics for ‘favours’ form the mad mogul Murdoch. The whole affair illustrates too beautifully how the ruling political class has  allowed the media to become the number one instrument of state, and the extent of Murdoch’s influence in the political process. For this betrayal, a day in the stocks seems too short.

Thirdly, Cameron’s behaviour in Brussels demonstrated where his true priorities lie.  Party before country – actually party before anything. Did he have Britain’s best interests at heart on that fateful Friday morning? Now way! He professed he had to act to protect Britain’s financial services – the top slicers and fee skimmers that is, (who constitute 7.5% of GDP) – oh, and the City bonus boys, of course. The whole thing was a ruse.   The reality was that he was only interested in what was best for David Cameron and the Conservative party. He didn’t give a second thought about the long-term effect of his actions. Make no mistake what went on in Brussels was carefully planned and well rehearsed. Dear devious, deceitful Dave you ain’t foolin’ nobody! A few hard boiled eggs coming your way!

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