SoR’s Christmas ‘Stockings’. Monday – Bob Diamond

Bankster Bob (I’m not going to say sorry) Diamond, Barclay’s chief executive, is first in the stocks this year. In January he trousered £15 million and is set to do the same this coming January – maybe even more.  This fellow has no shame and has chutzpah in bucket loads.  But that’s not the real reason he’s in the stocks. It’s his lack of remorse. He’s damned if he’s going to say sorry for banksters’ behaviour in the 2008 crash – or for the PPI fraud – for which he and his fellow bank chief executives should have been locked up.

And then in his Today Business Lecture he said that banks need to show they support growth and “become better and more effective citizens”. That banks were “dedicated to supporting economic growth by taking risks on behalf of businesses, big and small”. Bullshit Bob! Banks’ net lending to SMEs has actually fallen. Is this what you mean by supporting economic growth?

You’re all piss and wind, Bob. Hollow words. You deserve the rotten eggs coming your way!

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