Sharon Bowles reveals Cameron as Perfidious Albion personified


Who is Sharon Bowles? She’s LibDem MEP for South East England and is the first Briton, and first Liberal to ever chair the European Parliament’s powerful Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. If there’s one person who can comment on the detail of Cameron’s demands from the ‘European’ perspective, I would suggest it’s Sharon. Not afraid to speak her truth, this is what she has to say about the ‘Cameron Calamity’:

“I abhor Cameron’s use of the veto.

His demands were not ‘moderate’. They were a mix of attempts to reverse agreed positions disguised by inaccurate invocations of conclusions from regular meetings of Finance ministers and interference in current legislative dossiers. It was a power grab, reneging on agreed legislation. Crafted as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it may have fooled some in the UK, but not us.

Asked to save the euro, Mr Cameron gave in to his eurosceptic party. He has jeopardised UK interests, including those of the City, when there was nothing in the European Council agreement threatening the UK.

After all, what was the purpose of the Vickers report; of higher capital requirements; and of tighter UK financial market rules, other than to respond to UK taxpayers´ demand for a safer City of London. We should be following that path alongside our European partners in harmony, not in antagonism.

In this crisis, there is no worse time for Cameron to have turned his back on Europe. His veto has made the summit result harder to deliver, more intergovernmental, and less democratically accountable”.

Apparently, there’s a real hatred of the UK in the EP chamber this morning – as well there might be. It’s perhaps not Cameron’s stunt that’s antagonised people, but his timing. And as we are now becoming aware, Cameron’s purpose had all to do with party and little else. For all his bluster yesterday, he couldn’t disguise his true purpose. Perfidious Albion? That’s us. Thank you Dave!

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