Robber Barons Rule – Official

A recent Supreme Court ruling in the US has allowed the release of Mammon’s rottweilers. They are now chewing contentedly over the remains of American democracy. Yes, democracy in the US is dead. It’s official and it’s legal.

The Supreme Court has just ruled that corporations have the same free speech rights as individuals. Apparently it saw no reason why corporations should not have the same right to engage in public debates of political issues.

What does all this mean?  It means that corporations are free to spend at will on elections. The airtime they will be able to purchase will easily drown out the voice of the American voter – a voice that was pretty faint anyway, but it will now disappear totally. Do corporations have to report what they spend? Sure, but if they forget, all they get is a small fine. You can guess what is going to happen.

Many of you who take time to observe the antics of the island empire will no doubt know that corporate America’s influence on Capitol Hill has been strong for a long time, but from now on its influence will be total. Democrats and Republicans will never rule America again. Free and fair elections are thing of the past. Corporate America now reigns supreme. The consequences for America and for the world could be very serious indeed.

We might smile and think that it could never happen here. The truth is that the influence of money in politics in this country is already a seriously corrupting influence. The debate on political funding may stagger on, but what has happened in America needs to be a catalyst for some fresh thinking about money and politics.

Until money is taken out of politics we will never have honest politics or honest politicians.

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