Right on Cue…

Dave must be whooping with joy – a royal wedding! Oh boy, just what the doctor ordered and right on cue. Nothing like a bit of royal extravagance to melt people’s hearts and take their minds off boring things like cuts and welfare reform. Are the Queen’s Tory sympathies showing?

With my parentage, I will not be joining the flag waving crowds on the Mall, but I wish them well. He seems a perfectly nice bloke and he’s had the good fortune be allowed to marry someone of his own choosing, unlike his Dad. The penny must have dropped  – at last.  As for our Kate, she looks as though she won’t put up with any nonsense, which is a good sign. She needs to be a tough cookie to survive in that crowd. Good luck to her.

Now if ‘Big Willy’ (her name for him apparently) really wants to win over the hearts and minds of ‘the people’ in these austere times, why doesn’t he opt for the Chelsea Registry Office and a bash at the Holiday Inn?  Rowan the Hirsute and the Lord Chamberlain might be a bit miffed, but poor, secular Britain might appreciate the gesture. Go on Willy, I dare you!

As the airwaves are now going to be full of sentimental drivel, I think it’s time to take to the hills – although I’d hate to miss a “whatever love is” moment.

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