PR ‘fact bender’ Dave delivers a speech straight from ‘Distortion Central’

It’s no coincidence that our Prime Minister cut his teeth as a PR executive. Today’s speech on Britain’s future in Europe was a classic example of the fact benders’ art: distortion.  It was a lesson on how to confuse and manipulate an argument to achieve a desired outcome. Nothing wrong with that, you might argue. Well, maybe not if you’re selling dog food or soap powder, but not when the future prosperity of our nation is at stake.

The days of controlling attitudes and opinions by force have long passed. Today, PR is the weapon of choice of politicians and political parties – aided and supported by a compliant media who, as we witnessed last year, are in the kitchen with the politicians concocting our diet of half-truths and misinformation.

Their purpose is to control and marginalise the electorate so that the political class, and their wealthy elite paymasters, can rule. Our democracy, such as it is, has been seriously undermined.

Today we witnessed a prime minister running scared of a political party that doesn’t have a single parliamentary seat. In his panic to neutralise a perceived threat he tried to convince us that putting the future of the nation at risk by offering an ‘in – out’ referendum on Europe to an ill-informed, marginalised electorate was in our best interests. What we’re witnessing is what happens when the world of half-truths and misinformation meets itself coming round the corner.

If the Prime Minister did anything today it was to make the case for political reform. Why should we allow our democracy to be undermined by the actions of politicians who are prepared to lie, distort and manipulate facts to achieve their selfish personal and party ends?

All we require is to be honestly informed so that we can make rational choices. This is what true democracy is all about.

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