Pay up! But…

This afternoon, deep in the City of London, the heads of all the major banks are locked in meeting to discuss bonuses. Bonuses this year are forecast to be £7 billion – and they are all a little worried that this year’s New Year bonanza will go down like a pork chop in a synagogue. They are not wrong.

A lunchtime ‘leak’ was put out to test the water…a possibility that the bonus pot could be reduced to £4 billion? Sorry guys, not impressed. But hang on, why not let the banks pay the £7 billion? We really shouldn’t be so mean to these poor banker boys who have toiled so hard. Let them have their bonuses. After all we don’t want them to get the hump and take their enormous talents elsewhere, do we?

No, let them have their bonuses. Let’s not get bogged down in an argument with the banks. It would take far too long. Let’s keep things simple.  Instead, let’s have a Bankers Bonus Tax. Banks can pay whatever bonuses they like, but they will be taxed an equivalent amount. What could be simpler than that?

This is such a simple, and dare I say, equitable solution. If you agree, spread the word…and I’ll keep Dad’s tumbril in the garage.

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