Nowhere man, please listen…

I wonder how the interim regime in Tunisia viewed a British Foreign Secretary who refuses to call the Israeli blockade of Gaza illegal, takes free flights on an Israeli businessman’s jet and has benefited from donations of tens of thousands of pounds from supporters of CFI? (Conservatives for Israel)

The Israeli lobby in Britain has worked very hard to win over British politicians to their cause. There is hardly a single MP who has not benefited from their largesse. There can be little doubt that this has been an important factor in the muted criticism of Israel and their worst excesses. This ‘polite corruption’ has distorted our political process and now threatens to undermine our credibility with the new regimes that are emerging from the jasmine revolution.

Western politicians are in a quandary, as is Mr Hague. Having taken the Israeli shilling they are compromised. Today, Hague spoke a lot of sense, but will he be listened to? Heard perhaps, but listened to? Unlikely.

With Netanyahu bellowing bellicose threats and vowing to “reinforce the might of the state of Israel”, it’s time for Mr Hague and his fellow cohorts to distance themselves from improper Israeli ‘influence’ and to make clear to the new regimes in the middle east that they have done so. It is time that we distanced ourselves from the US’s policy of unquestioning support of Israel. If Britain wants to be taken seriously in the ‘new Middle East’ we need our politicians to be credible.

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