Not Another Gove Tuesday Michael?

Oh Michael, Michael, Michael! For heaven’s sake, what have you done now? You’re going to slash £162 million sports funding from schools. Oh, I see. Have you thought this one through? Remember what happened last time you opened your trap before putting your brain in gear! Are we going to see you at the despatch box on Tuesday confessing your sins – again?

Michael Gove is meant to be a very clever chap, but is he stupid? I think he may have to convince us. In all his wisdom [sic], he has decided that £162 million is too much to pay for supporting sport in our schools. A stroke of genius just before the 2012 Olympics, when we’re trying to encourage children to get involved in sport, but also a mind-numbingly idiotic decision because of the effect it will have on children’s health. There is already a huge problem with childhood obesity. This decision is unhelpful, and will prove to be a very costly one too.

Sports funding has rekindled children’s enthusiasm for sport and competition. There are now 450 sports partnerships that run schools’ sports in local communities. The money goes towards training staff and organising sports events. It has been a hugely successful enterprise. Don’t forget that a dozen years ago the Major government was selling off school sports fields to property developers. A huge amount has been achieved since then.

Sport, exercise and competition are so important for our children. It is starting to thrive in our schools. It must be allowed to continue to do so. Michael Gove should think again.

Let’s hope for a penitent Gove at the despatch box on Tuesday. This is a crass decision and needs to be reversed as quickly as possible.

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