Netanyahu, the madcap menace of the Middle East

Benjanmin Netanyahu is not only a menace to the Middle East, he’s the greatest threat to world peace since Adolf Hitler. Comparison a bit over the top? Should get a few people’s hackles up (hopefully!), but perhaps not as over the top as you might think. Why? Because Netanyahu wants to bomb Iran, and he’s determined to get US support to do so. (Listen to Obama’s statements on Iran and you’ll realise that he’s making good progress)  And it’s so easy. He already controls Congress. He has every Congressman and Congresswoman in his pocket. Through AIPAC (the pro Israeli lobbying organisation that does what Netanyahu tells it to do), he can turn the screw any time he wants. In election year it’s like taking candy from a baby. Don’t support the Netanyahu line and campaign funds dry up. It’s that simple – simple and very, very dangerous for us all. Why? Because Netanyahu wants war.

There’s little doubt that Iran is building a nuclear capability. Is this a threat to Israel? It certainly is a threat, but it’s not the threat of nuclear war that troubles Netanyahu, because nuclear weapons are effectively unusable. It’s the threat of losing his unassailable position of power in the Middle East. With his own nuclear capability and with the unquestioning support of the US, he’s been able to do exactly what he pleases. If Iran had a nuclear capability, that would all change. He wants the dynamic to stay as it is and he’s prepared to drag the world into a catastrophic conflict to maintain the status quo.

He’s got another agenda too. He wants to divert attention away from discussions about peace talks with the Palestinians. He has absolutely no intention of resuming peace talks. He ain’t interested, not now, not ever (something our Foreign Secretary and La Clinton seem to have failed to grasp). He has every intention of completing his colonisation of the Occupied Territories and creating the ‘Greater Israel’. A state in which Palestinians have absolutely no part. As a mark of his intention, this week he instructed the building of settlements to be speeded up.

As if on cue, last week the House Foreign Affairs Committee (an AIPAC fiefdom) met to consider a ‘crippling sanctions’ bill. The purpose of the bill is to ratchet up the sanctions on Iran, but, more seriously, it contains clauses that effectively ban any contact with Iran without the approval of Congress – and that includes the President and the Secretary of State. This bill effectively lays the ground for war, not diplomacy, and puts the control of US policy towards Iran in the hands of the Israelis. From now on it’s no to jaw, jaw and yes to war, war.

The problem for the world is that American politics is totally dysfunctional. It’s crippled by vested interests and corrupted by money, and has effectively allowed its presidency to be emasculated: the  President a toothless tiger.

So what to do? What’s needed is for world political leaders to distance themselves from American / Israeli intentions without delay and to start speaking their truth – loudly! Despite what Iran is up to, it’s time it was brought in from the cold. Isolating Iran has only provided the ‘mad Mullahs’ with ammunition and lots to hate. With little on which to focus their ire, they could easily become a spent force. Sanctions don’t work and haven’t worked. They’ve made things worse and much more dangerous. A policy shift towards Iran is needed – now.

As for Netanyahu, he and his feral state remain the single greatest threat to world peace. Unless that’s recognised, and soon, we will all have a problem – a big one.  Netanyahu has to be put in his place.

And the US? Through its actions and the control Israel is able to exercise over US Middle East policy, it has effectively disqualified itself from any involvement in any future peace negotiations. If it allows itself to be suckered into a catastrophic war by Netanyahu, its power and influence in the world will be dealt a fatal blow. The demise of the ‘island empire’ will be swifter than many wise heads have predicted.

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