MPs? They just ooze sex!

Paul Flynn, the 76 year old MP for Newport West, has just updated his book ‘How to be a Backbencher’ with a warning for all new MPs. Apparently as soon as they walk through the great portals of the House of Commons, they immediately become charged with what he describes as an ‘inescapable sexual magnetism’. Really? What is this, the Parliamentary equivalent of the ‘Princess and the frog’? What’s the catalyst for heaven’s sake? Do MP’s pores start to ooze pheromones as soon as M&S flannel hits green leather?

Perhaps Paul has inadvertently provided the answer as to why the Chamber is always empty? And with pheromone fumes wafting down the corridors of Westminster, maybe it’s understandable that political secretaries make the odd cock-up.

Paul needs a vote of thanks for finally revealing to the electorate why MPs just don’t cut the mustard. It’s all because of sex.

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