Milliband of Brothers?

David is clearly shattered that he has blown his chances of ever leading the Labour Party. On top of that, he has to deal with ‘her indoors’ who is still spitting tacks that Ed actually ran for the leadership at all. David may be able to come to terms with the fact that he was piped at the post by ‘the other Milliband’, but the tension that is going to exist between the two families probably means that it’s pretty certain that David will decide that it’s time to go.

Will he be a great loss to the party…or to Ed? Well, he might well be. Ed looked strangely vulnerable when he delivered his speech at conference. If Ed falters, Billy Balls will be after his throat. If David decided to stay he could give him some protection…or maybe he would ditch brotherly love and go after his throat too? Interesting times lie ahead… Whatever happens let’s hope it’s more about politics than personalities. Keep your eyes skinned for pigs flying down Whitehall.

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