Lord Gobbledygook Heads Off To The Sun

Sporting a shiny new top set and a couple of new chins, Prezza’s off to Cancun to save the world. Why’s he going? Well, apart from wanting to get away from arctic Britain, it’s because he’s landed a cushy number as the ‘Rapporteur for the Council of Europe’ on climate change. So he’s off to the climate change meeting in Cancun so that he can report back to the Council of Europe about what went on.

Hang on a minute, Prezza as a rapporteur! What half-wit gave him that job? He doesn’t do joined up thinking, he certainly doesn’t do joined up speaking and doing both at the same time has never been known to happen. How on earth is the Council of Europe going to make sense of his rapportage? Not a chance, bewilderment and confusion will reign. What hope for Europe’s position on climate change? We are all doomed!

The interview with Andrew Neil in this clip is classic Prezza. If only he talked more slowly and gave his brain time to catch up. The fact that he was Deputy Prime Minister for so long is truly amazing. Pity the Council of Europe.

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