Limits to freedom is part of freedom itself

This is a clip of a discussion with Frank Field, Katherine Birbalsingh and Sheldon Thomas on Channel 4 news about some of the contributory causes of the violence and criminality seen on the streets of our cities in the past few days.
It is one of the few discussions to address some of the issues that government and society have chosen to ignore. Plain speaking about the effect of teen pregnancies and children bringing up children, absent fathers, appalling levels of literacy, poor schooling, the absence of the family unit, the devastating effect of cuts on single parent families, a story of communities with no structure and no boundaries, but a people hungry for discipline and support and a chance to change their lives.
Let this discussion be the start of a new conversation about our inner cities and our attitude to those who inhabit them. It’s time to do something about positive about the shameful inequality in our society. It’s a time for action not words.

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