Lessons learned, lessons forgotten…

The higher staffs had had no practice in command, and although they had been well trained in the theory of the writing and issue of orders, they failed in the practice…Added to this we all suffered from the fault common to all Englishmen, a fault we did not know we suffered from till war revealed it, a total lack of imagination.’
This is a quote from Dan Snow’s great grandfather Lieutenant General Sir Thomas D’Oyly Snow after the battle of Le Cateau in 1914.
There’s an uncanny similarity to the ‘higher staffs’ of our great coalition, is there not? And they have yet to discover that they too suffer from a total lack of imagination. Something that is likely to do more long-term harm to this country than any of their ‘cuts’ or ill-judged reforms.
‘Confusion of Command’. Memoirs of Lieutenant General Sir Thomas D’Oyly Snow by Dan Snow and Mark Pottle

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