It’s Showtime!

Christmas is the time of pantomimes. In the spirit of the season, the Royal Courts of Justice have decided to put on their own little show today. Those legal fellows may be as dry as dust, but they’re determined not to be out-done by their thespian cousins. The title of their production? Well, that’s been taxing their brains a little. They’ve finally come up with ‘Julian and the Wiki Thieves’. You’ve got to give it to those legal fellows, original or what? It sounds as though it could be a real rib-tickler!

Unfortunately, no sooner had it been announced, some kill joy counsel with not enough to do decided to challenge the definition of the production. Was it a pantomime or a farce?

His argument? That a pantomime is essentially a fairy tale with a happy ending full of ‘contemporary references and audience participation to create fun and entertainment for the whole family’. A farce on the other hand is a ‘light dramatic work in which highly improbable plot situations and exaggerated characters are used for humorous effect’. Sadly he won the day. The show was renamed ‘Carry on Leaking’, but this was turned down on appeal. It’s now to be called ‘An Improbable Carry On’. I can’t wait!

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