Inequitable and wrong

Lloyds new boss  ‘Antonio Horta-Osorio’ – it’s a bit of a mouthful isn’t it?  And – to continue the oral metaphor – his ‘golden hello’ is difficult to swallow, a cool £13.5 million – and he hasn’t done anything yet! Meanwhile on some industrial estate, a Lloyds business customer is struggling to stay afloat. Battered by banksters’ folly and squeezed by the effect Cameron’s cuts, he pleads in vain for his bank charges to be returned to their pre-banking crisis levels and for his previous overdraft facility to be restored: at stake 150 jobs, his home and his dreams and aspirations. His requests will probably fall on deaf ears and his business may fail. Banks deliver pain whist we deliver banks – and Antonio Horta-Osorio puts his snout in the trough.

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