‘I See No Ships’

An old rowing boat, an outboard motor, a couple of AK-47’s and a packed lunch, all you need if you want to become a multimillionaire – and you happen to live in Somalia.

What I find totally mystifying is why no Navy has been able to stop the Somali pirates. They appear to have complete control of the Indian Ocean. Am I missing something? Is the Royal Navy too busy? (Is any navy too busy?) Is it short of equipment? We still have an aircraft carrier and it still has planes…what is it doing for heaven’s sake?

What is the point of spending billions on a navy when it can’t protect commercial shipping? Isn’t that one of the prime reasons for its existence? We are told that we have one of the most sophisticated navies in the world, but a couple of guys in a motor boat can run rings round it. It’s all a bit silly.

Isn’t it about time someone kicked ass? Why is HMS Manchester in Havana on a goodwill visit when there is a proper job that needs doing? It’s time to get real.

Meanwhile just outside Nairobi (yes, Nairobi) the pirates are quietly sipping champagne and enjoying the proceeds of their maritime chutzpah: rows of multimillion pound houses a testament to their success and our incompetence.

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