He Who Throws Stones

On his ‘state visit’ to Lebanon, President Amadinejad was today caught throwing stones over the fence into Israel. This rather childish gesture has caused hackles to rise in Israel, but maybe that’s no bad thing. With the peace talks stalled, and Israel’s friends starting to lose patience, perhaps we should welcome a bit of undiplomatic stone throwing to focus the minds of the Israelis.

Israel has always seen Iran as a major threat, and so it should. It funds its number one enemy Hezbollah, it has rockets that can reach Israel, and is busily making a nuclear bomb. As threats go, it’s a big one. He who throws stones may be tempted to throw missiles too.

You would think Israel would nurture its friends in a situation like this;  instead it is doing its very best to hack them off. Israel is not only dragging its feet in the peace talks, but it is refusing to stop provocative settlement building in the West Bank.

Strangely, Israel seems to have forgotten what it is to be a friend in need. Too much has, and is taken for granted. Let’s hope George Mitchell and his negotiators start to become a bit more hard-nosed.

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