Gove! My study….now!

“An Ignorant, destructive, contradictory and self-defeating decision: it is entirely unjustified educationally, professionally, logistically and in terms of personal health and community well-being”. Gove gulps and then starts to pout.   “C’mon boy, lost your tongue, have you?  Speak up!  What on earth do you think you’re doing scrapping the School Sports Partnerships? Don’t you realise that they’re universal, long-term and community-centred?  Hasn’t it dawned on you that they’re your bloody ‘big  society’ in action?” Gove’s eyes widen. He hadn’t thought of that. Oh shit, he thought. He’d come a cropper not doing his homework properly before. The thought of being humiliated in front of everybody again was almost too much for him to contemplate.                                                                                                   

“To lose the SSP’s would be disastrous both locally and nationally, can’t you see that? What have I got to do to get it into your thick skull?”  The headmaster picked up a letter from his desk, his hand shaking with anger.      

“Let me read you this letter…’The SSP has literally changed our lives in our school over the last six years…we have never had the resources or expertise to offer our children the quality and diverse sporting opportunities both in school and in the local community that the SSP has brought.’  Now what have you got to say to that?” Gove remained silent, his eyes flicking from side. There was no way he was going to make the situation worse by defending his decision. He was going to have to tough this one out. Give it a few weeks and maybe it will have disappeared from the radar. He smirked defiantly.                           

“Don’t smirk at me, boy! Dave put you up to this, didn’t he?” There was no way he was going to drop Dave in it. It would be more that his life’s worth.                         

“Okay Gove”, the headmaster said looking him straight in the eye, “I’ve had enough of your incompetence, enough is enough. Go away and sort this out or I’ll have to see what I can do to have you removed. Now get out!”

(Compiled using extracts from the statement issued by sixty head teachers who yesterday launched a revolt against Gove’s proposal to end funding for SSP’s)

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