FIFA, Dave and Rupie…a Connection?

“The grovelling of the prime minister and the second in line to the throne before Fifa’s Zurich racket has been a national humiliation. Had they no intelligence of what was going on? Had this exposure to ridicule not been risk-assessed? Even a cursory glance at the allegations from the Sunday Times and BBC’s Panorama would have warned Downing Street and the Palace that these were not fit people for Britain’s leaders to be seen glad-handing.”

This is Simon Jenkins in this morning’s Guardian. He’s right. It was a total nonsense. Putin didn’t turn up before the announcement because he knew he had it the bag. The money had already changed hands. Our naivety was monumental. Our lack of intelligence – in both senses of the word – was mind boggling. But I think there could be more to this story.

What if the Wizard of Oz’s had access to intelligence about FIFA’s Russian ‘dealings’ a long time ago? He knew England were out of the running. He also had evidence on two corrupt FIFA delegates. Wouldn’t the mind of a media mogul think of a way of making this information work for him?

So, let’s see how this might work. While Ofcom deliberate whether on not to refer his bid to purchase the remaining shares in BskyB to the Competition Commission, News International titles have been giving the coalition a very smooth ride, but opposition to his plan has been growing. He’s probably starting to wonder if Dave is going to deliver. Time to turn the screw? Time to show him who’s master? Time to demonstrate how easily he could make life very uncomfortable for our Dave?

With Dave and the gang committed to supporting England’s bid for the World Cup, what better opportunity to show him who’s boss? Take the brakes off the corruption story when it’s too late for anybody to back out and sit back and revel in Dave’s humiliation – guaranteed to get his attention.

This might be a conspiracy theory too far, but maybe not. If RM had the information that Russia was going to get the World Cup, which there is every likelihood that the did, he could happily release the corruption story a couple of weeks before Zurich knowing that it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference. Dave would only find out the real truth after the event. Rupie will have made his point and Dave will have understood – only too well.

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