Everything is Labour’s fault!

No no, it is, believe me! We are where we are today because of the behaviour of the Labour party. Where does it start? Well, you could go back to Tony Blair’s failure to sack Gordon Brown. He might have done his job at the Treasury adequately, but everybody in the party knew Brown was mildly psychotic, and his disruptive behaviour did nothing to contribute to good government. Blair did nothing. The Labour Party did nothing. When the Brown premiership eventually arrived it was a total disaster. David Miliband who could have challenged him for the leadership, did nothing. Labour was booted out of office in total disarray.
And then there was the famous leadership election when, with the help of the Unions, Labour elected the wrong Miliband. Ed Miliband who unfortunately looked as if he’s been plucked from the Aardman Animations studios, was a characterless political technogeek. He inspired nobody. His blank sheet of paper remained blank throughout his time as leader. He spoke in McKinsey speak, and bored the pants off the nation. The Tory dominated coalition delivered a cruel and unnecessary austerity, it imposed a conscious cruelty on millions of Labour voters, and still this Labour wunderkind couldn’t beat the nasty Tories. The fact that Labour failed to crush the Tories after what they had done, and failed to deliver an alternative government that the country so desperately needed, is surely one of the greatest failures in modern political history.
Labour’s failure resulted in a majority Tory government, a government that then went on to hold a referendum on membership of the EU, not because the country wanted it, but to placate the right wing Eurosceptic wing of the Tory party. David Cameron committed the ultimate sin and put his party before his country. His act of political folly has now delivered the biggest political challenge, the biggest constitutional crisis in modern times. We now have an obdurate, bloody-minded prime minister in Theresa May, who is intent on delivering Brexit no matter what cost to the nation. National interest in her eyes must take second place to the interests of the Tory party, regardless of the consequences.
And what of Labour? In their ultimate wisdom the ineffectual Miliband was replaced with the equally ineffectual, but well-meaning Corbyn, a man who would find organising a good night out in a brewery beyond his capabilities. He went on to support the triggering of Article 50, part of the right-wing Tory agenda. And his MPs? A large slice convinced themselves that they must pander to the right to save their seats. A betrayal if ever there was one.
So, when the country really needed a strong opposition, Labour failed. The party is in disarray. There is no effective opposition. This, with the help of Messrs Murdoch, Dacre and Desmond, has allowed Mrs May a degree of absolute power that probably no prime minister has ever enjoyed.
There is now a dark dynamic driving the country which is being cajoled into renouncing its best instincts and best interests. The lunacy of Brexit is just part of the mass stupidity that has engulfed our politics. Everything is Labour’s fault. Tell me it’s not.

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