Eaten for breakfast…lunch and supper!

What a remarkable victory…for the Tories. They achieved everything they planned for – and more. AV, the Lib Dem’s totem, was kicked into the long grass never to reappear. The Lib Dems have taken the rap for the cuts, tuition fees, job losses – in fact they’ve taken the rap for everything. And Dave and the gang? They came out smelling of roses and actually managed to increase the number of Tory councillors.

You have to admire the Tories, and Cameron and Osborne in particular. They planned everything down to the last detail. From the very outset, their aim was to ‘fix’ Nick Clegg and mortally wound the Lib Dems. Clegg was to be set up to be the coalition’s Aunt Sally and divert any opprobrium away from Dave. The party, by association, would take the flack for the coalition’s ‘hard choices’. It worked like a dream. The electorate fell for it hook, line and sinker.

But this is only phase one. The long-term aim of the plan is to ensure that Britain has a Tory government for the foreseeable future. How? Well, the Lib Dems are between a rock and a hard place. They have no other option other than to remain a part of the coalition, but by the end of this Parliament the Tories aim to see that the Lib Dems are virtually annihilated as a political force. The electorate are out of love with the Lib Dems and are unlikely to kiss and make up before 2015. They are set to give the Tory plan a very timely helping hand. But couple this with some carefully thought through gerrymandering, the reduction in the number of MP’s, the equalling out of constituency numbers and some nifty boundary changes, and Britain is set to have a Tory government for many a long year. Oh, and come 2014 George Osborne will be sweetening us up by giving us some of our money back. A Tory victory in 2015 is virtually assured.

But what about Labour, I hear you cry? Labour is lost. It has an unremarkable, unconvincing leader who lacks authority. Against the current Tory party it doesn’t stand a chance. It will take years before the Labour party regains its credibility – which it is unlikely to do under the leadership of Ed Miliband.

What is remarkable about the events of the last couple of days is the chronic ineptitude and naivety of both the Lib Dems and the Labour party. Perhaps now they will wake up to the fact that they face a very determined and ruthless Tory party. It’s time to get real. They need to know their enemy – and clearly they don’t.

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