Don’t Give Yourself a Balls Ache, Ed

Okay Ed, now let’s see what you’re made of. What are you going to do with Ed Balls, Shadow Home Secretary, Chancellor even? Whatever job you give him, never forget he was Gordo’s number one henchman, the architect of some of his dirtiest tricks. He needs to be kept busy and at arm’s length.If you feel the need for his rottweiler skills, choose where you put him carefully.

Just remember that GB would have accepted his fate more gracefully had there been a leadership contest between himself and TB. You had a leadership contest. You beat Billy Balls fair and square, but never forget that he learned his craft at the foot of the master – he could damage your health – if you let him. Putting a bad apple in your barrel is not a good idea. So what are you going to do with him, Ed? We’ll be watching.

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