‘Carry on Taxing’ starring Bill Nighy as Will Scarlet. Bill at the G20

VIDEO: Bill Nighy hits the G20 – there is hope after all! Bill is at the G20 pushing for a Tobin tax, or Robin Hood tax as it’s come to be known. This is a tax on financial transactions which he estimates could bring in $30 billion. He’s got some pretty powerful allies – Bill Gates and George Soros to name but two. But it’s going to be a tough battle to get US agreement as the island empire heads for election time. Right now lickspittle politicos have their hands out looking for campaign donations. Those who are against the tax are more than happy to cross their palms with silver – as long as they do as they’re told. It’s good to see Bill standing up and being counted. And as always the only way change is going to happen is to publicly embarrass political leaders into action – so go for it Bill!

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