Capital punishment e-petition…Guido gets desperate

You couldn’t make it up. Right wing blogger Guido Fawkes championing an e-petition to restore capital punishment. Paul Staines really must be up against it if he has to appeal to the dyspeptic, tattered tassels of the right wing lunatic fringe to get attention. But it’s understandable I suppose. There’s only so much Westminster tittle-tattle chaff to feed off. Sadly though, Paul thinks he’s at the front line of public opinion. No Paul, not now and not ever: you’re in the dark ages, my friend – as your support for the restoration of capital punishment shows only too well. And as for your appearance on Channel 4 last night, any Lower Sixth debating society would be embarrassed by your crass comments and pathetic assumptions. I suggest you consider reducing your public profile as a matter of urgency – unless of course you want to highlight the demise of right wing bloggers.

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