Can Twitter swing the AV vote?

This could be an interesting day. The polls would have you believe that it’s game over for the ‘Yes’ campaign, but is it?

The ‘No’ campaign has fought a rather silly and fundamentally untruthful campaign which may just be starting to unravel. Why? Because it’s finally being seen for what it really is, a cunning manipulation of the electorate by the Tories. A victory for the ‘No’s coupled with their well planned gerrymandering could put the Tories in an unassailable position come the next election – and probably the one after that too.

The British electorate may be criticised for being too eager to vote ‘against’ rather than ‘for’, and certainly Nick Clegg has provided the ‘No’ campaign with a convenient  Aunt Sally – which they have exploited with unseemly vigour – but something fundamental has been overlooked. Whatever the shortcomings of the electorate, it does not like being duped.  I believe there is now a growing realisation that this is exactly what the ‘No’ campaign has tried to do, dupe them.

There’s another factor which the ‘No’ campaign may not have bargained for. The Twitter conversation. As recent events in the Middle  East have proved, it’s fascinating how truth surfaces, how fundamental dishonesty becomes obvious. Today we’ve had David Blunkett’s admission  that the ‘No’ campaign lied about the cost of AV as well as Labour voters admitting they’ve changed their minds – presumably because they’ve seen through the Tory ‘cunning plan’.  The conversation as started. Twitter could yet deliver a fatal blow to the ‘No’ campaign.

The day is not yet done. There could be some surprises when the results are announced tomorrow.

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