Cameron to resign?

Alan Rusbridger was one of several well respected journalists and politicians who contacted David Cameron when he became prime minister and advised him not to appoint Andy Coulson as his press secretary. Rusbridger apparently warned him he had information that the News of the World had made payments to detectives investigating the murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan – Coulson was editor at the time. This information would have made any sensible person drop Coulson like a hot brick, but not our Dave. Not only did he not reply to Rusbridger, he totally ignored his advice and went ahead with the appointment. He’s only got himself to blame for the mess he now finds himself in.

His lack of judgment in appointing Coulson is one thing, but what is more
difficult to understand is his reluctance to get rid of him when the hacking
scandal first broke. Coulson was the editor of the News of the World at the
time. There is absolutely no way he didn’t know what was going on. Cameron
still refused to get rid of him. He did absolutely nothing to distance himself
from Coulson, and by not doing so has become a player in this scandal not a

The prime minister’s press secretary – or ‘Director of Communications’ – is
not someone who hides away in some back office in Number 10, he’s one of the
prime minister’s closest advisors. Cameron must have had many conversations
about the hacking scandal with Coulson. Are we to believe that David Cameron
accepted Coulson’s lies without question, that he didn’t take advice about
Coulson? The whole press corps knew that Coulson was being economical with the
truth. The question is, was this a case of bad judgment, or was David Cameron
having his strings pulled by Rupert Murdoch? Whatever the case, doesn’t it
bring into question David Cameron’s competence and whether he is a ‘fit and
proper’ person to be prime minister?

Today there is a new twist. Coulson has been thrown to the wolves by Murdoch
and is currently cooling his heels in Lewisham police station. This is an
appalling outcome for David Cameron. Why? Because Coulson has become the
biggest threat to his premiership. He knows when Dave knew about the hacking
scandal. He knows what he knew about it. For all we know David Cameron may even
known that Milly Dowler’s phone had been hacked. Coulson is in a corner and he
is unlikely to go down without taking other people with him – David Cameron may
be one of those people.

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