Cameron prepared to sacrifice the Union for Tory party self-interest?


So what on earth prompted David Cameron to rattle Alex Salmond’s cage about the timing of the Scottish referendum on independence? Oh I see, it’s because all the uncertainty is deterring inward investment in Scotland. Really? And the legal position regarding a referendum is unclear…he just wants to get a “fair” and “decisive” vote. Absolute nonsense!

There is no evidence that inward investment has been affected and the legal issue is a total red herring. But a sasenach calling the shots? No Scot whether for or against independence likes that, as David Cameron knows all too well. He is deliberately provoking the Scots. He and his party want them to vote ‘yes’ for independence. Why? because like Liverpool, Scotland is politically unimportant to the Tories. At the last election they managed to win one seat.

The policy of ‘managed decline’ has moved on. David Cameron and the Tory grand strategists have a new plan – ‘managed Scottish independence’. Take the Scottish figures out of the last election results and the Tories would have had a majority of 44. So with the proposed new boundary changes, the next election could see the Tories with a thumping majority in England and Wales. This is a strategy that could see them in power for a very, very long time.  And Labour? Kicked unceremoniously into touch for a long, long time. How could arch cynic David Cameron or any scheming, divisive Tory strategist resist such an opportunity?

As with the Brussels vote, the Tories are quite prepared to put party before anything else. Party before people, party before country – party before Union?

No matter what David Cameron says about not wanting to see the break-up of the United Kingdom, should he be believed?  He needs to be challenged about his real motives. If not independence, poking the stick into the Scottish hornet’s nest could deliver a form of  ‘devo-max’ which could see an end to Scottish representation in Westminster. All his dreams come true.





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