Bye, bye Banksters bye, bye!

She’s back! Angela Knight CEO of the Association of British Banksters has broken cover! There she was as bold as brass on Channel 4 News last night bemoaning that banksters were upping sticks and moving out of Blighty because they’re having to pay too much tax. Oh dear, dear me what a calamity!

I love dear old Angela. She is bloody good at her job. Articulate, intelligent, and handles criticism with confidence and a straight bat. She defended the banksters brilliantly when they were taking us all to the cleaners. She’s so good you actually start to believe her. She’s the Mark Regev of Banksters. Mark Regev, in case you don’t know is the silver tongued spokesman of the Israeli Propagandaministerium. He made the Israeli incursion into Gaza sound like a mercy mission.

As for the fleeing banksters, too bad: there are plenty of young, greedy banksters to take their place who might, just might avoid cocking it up in quite such a monumental manner as their predecessors.

Now Angela, go away again, back into your box please, there’s a good girl. You’re making the country very, very nervous!

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