By Gove No Education Cuts!

What’s this I hear? Wee Willie Gove has been brown nosing the headmaster again? There are leaks a plenty that education has been let off the hook and will escape any swingeing cuts on Wednesday. If that’s the case then it obviously pays to be the headmasters favourite.

Our esteemed Education Secretary, having experienced the wrath of the pedagogues following his Gove Tuesday gaffes, has obviously been pulling out all the stops to prevent his balls being put in the vice again – and succeeded (apparently).

If we now have an Education Secretary who can create miracles, I wonder if he could wave some of his magic over the 1998 Education Act?

 He may not have noticed yet, but the education we dish out to our children is a disgrace. It is a production line designed to churn out pupils who are economically useful rather than nurturing and developing their individual talents. It practices an intellectual apartheid by separating what it deems to be smart people from non smart people and by so doing swills the talent of our nation down the plughole.

Is Gove up to the task? Has he the imagination for fundamental reform? He certainly didn’t start life with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he may already have paid his dues to the Tory broederbond, it may be too late. Let’s hope not.

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