Bloomberg forever…and ever…and ever!

Bloomberg has up until now been regarded as a good mayor of New York. Reputed to be worth $20 billion, he’s the 12th richest person in the US and a self-made man (had a little help from a $10 million (!) severance deal when he was given the order of the boot from Salomon Bros – every little helps). Bloomberg’s billions have come from the business information systems company bearing his name which he founded with that $10 million pay off.

Since he’s been mayor, he’s sorted out the city’s finances which now boast a healthy surplus, and has set about ‘reducing poverty and improving education’. That’s what the publicity department would like you to believe – and much of it is true. It’s all good stuff, and a far cry from the dotty mayoral antics of the bumbling Boris. Boris’s theatrics and professional amateurism would not be understood by Michael Bloomberg, hard-nosed, no nonsense perfectionist that he is.

But Michael has a flaw. He believes his own publicity. So much so that he’s trying to get the law changed so that he can run for a third term. He believes New York needs more Michael Bloomberg, ‘man of the people’. But last week he showed where his loyalties really lie: not with the poor and oppressed, but with his buddies who inhabit the swish multi-million apartments surrounding Zuccotti Square. The noise of the OWS protesters was getting too much for the poor darlings – and the mess, oh, the mess! Actually the mess was down to Mr Bloomberg. He point blank refused to allow the protesters access to portable loos or the means to get rid of their rubbish.

So, like the good responsible mayor he believes himself to be, he decided that he had to do something about the terrible conditions in Zuccotti and put an end to all that terrible noise. The OWS protesters had to go. A quick call to his buddy, police chief Ray Kelly, and the stormtrooper cops were on their way.

What followed was not the orderly dispersal of the OWS occupation, but a full scale military style assault on the protesters in Zuccotti Square. Police sprayed pepper spray over anyone and everyone, they used audio cannons, ear-splitting ‘compliance devices'(they cause excruciating pain), and lashed and thrashed the protesters with their batons. Ben Ali, Mubarak and Muammar Gaddafi would have been proud of Mayor Michael.

But as Keith Olbermann points out in the clip below, Michael Bloomberg has done the OWS a huge favour. OWS now has its very own symbol, its Mayor Daley, its Governor Wallace, its Senator McCarthy. Its very own stupid, out-of-touch, self-obsessed, idiot bully boy…. all hail Michael Bloomberg!

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