Big Society Dave? It’s a Nonsense!

What on earth is the ‘Big Society’? It’s a total nonsense. It means absolutely nothing. At a fringe meeting, party workers were asked to put their hands up if they had had a positive reaction to the ‘Big Society’ when they were out on the stump. Not a single hand was raised. It’s meaningless rubbish.

The theme of the conference was ‘Let’s work together in the National Interest’. Well, the majority of people in this great country of ours have been doing just that for years. You probably haven’t noticed, Dave.

I’m surprised that your well-tuned political antennae have not picked up that there are a huge number of people who feel that they have been betrayed by those who should know better. By a minority who have put their own self-interest above the interests of their fellow countrymen. By a political class who have been slaves to the the dogma of unregulated individual self-interest – and their own in particular.

We have a ‘Big Society’ already, Dave. It’s big enough to put up with what you’re going to throw at it in the next couple of weeks. Big enough to accept the unfairness of your cuts: big enough to accept the lack of proper attention you and your political cohorts, past and present, have paid to their best interests – but for how long?  

Britain is one of the most unequal societies in the Western world. It’s a disgrace, and you need to do something about it. ‘The deficit’ must not be an excuse for inaction. Oh, and in case it hasn’t been brought to your attention, inequality is very, very costly. Make our society more equal and you will save more than you could possibly imagine. No more nonsense about a ‘Big Society’ please.

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