Bibi’s bandits play with matches in the firework factory

Oh Bibi, Bibi, Bibi! What’s this? You’ve just approved a plan for more settlements on the West Bank… did you think we wouldn’t notice? The  chutzpah, Bibi, the chutzpah! But then, you’ve always been a bit of a chancer, haven’t you? You think you’ll get away with it because the peace process is dead and the rest of the world is more concerned with what your Arab neighbours are up to than worrying about your transgressions. You’re probably right, but pissing people off  at a time like this is dangerous, Bibi, very dangerous.

Netanyahu has raised two fingers to the West, and to the Obama administration in particular. He obviously sees the West’s discomposure over what is happening in the Middle East as great opportunity. He could be in for a shock.

The slow collapse of the collective leadership of the Palestinians has reached crisis point. Mahmoud Abbas has called for elections to restore legitimacy to his leadership. This is probably unlikely to happen.

The 10 million Palestinians spread over the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and in countries across the world are becoming increasingly restive at the lack of progress in the peace process and the fact that the Palestinian Authority’s only apparent function has been to assist the occupier occupy them.

Apparently there is now talk afoot, no doubt encouraged by what has been happening elsewhere in The Middle East, to dissolve the Palestinian Authority and reconstitute the PLO. If this doesn’t give Bibi and his bandits sleepless nights, it should.

For Israel the wind of change may turn out to be a hurricane. The eventual outcome? It could be a single Israeli /Palestine state, something few in Israel have even considered.  Israel is likely to have to pay a very high price for its years of obstinacy, obfuscation, intransigence – and chutzpah.

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