Babe in the Wood

Well done to Mr and Mrs Ed on the birth of their son. Ed is now on two weeks paternity leave apparently so we now have two weeks of the dynamic Ms Harriet to look forward to … hopefully no more tasteless jokes.

I have no wish to disparage our Harriet, but her dull monotone and over deliberate delivery is not exactly inspiring. In normal circumstances this wouldn’t matter, but there are a lot of people starting to wonder if there is any spark in this new crew.  It’s now November, the general election was in May and the opposition has yet to find its voice. Can Ed afford two weeks off?

Ed has a limited time to show us what he’s made of. Unless he starts to show some ‘form’ fairly quickly he runs the risk of being written off. Political leaders do not have the luxury of time, people form opinions very quickly. He would be well advised to get back to the office as soon as possible. The wrath of ‘the wife’ is a price worth paying.

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